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mysaol How safe are your data?

When you open the MySAOL login page, your connection is immediately encrypted with 128bit encryption. Since MySAOL is a pure web application, such as internet banking, all communication is exclusively via SSL.

"Most companies are very concerned about sending their data over the internet. They fear that their data will either be viewed or compromised. The reality is that with 128 bit encryption, sending you data over the internet is probably far safer than whatever you are currently doing now. If you currently keep your data on a file server at the office, the thieves could steal the computer, fire could destroy the computer, unauthorized employees might access the system, janitors or security guards may access to your system at night, back up tapes could be left in non-secure environments, etc. While nothing in this world is 100% safe, security experts agree that web-based accounting results in a more secure solution than most traditional file server based systems." By J. Carlton Collins, CPA

Your data place in servers behind firewall. All data traffic is analysed and if the traffic differs from the established pattern, it is immediately blocked.

Data is stored in an individual anonymous database. All your data is copied four times per day to a back-up copy and it is sent to a different server backup once daily via a secured data line.

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