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What Make It Simple?
How Safe Your Data?
What Are The Requirements?
How Much It Cost?

What makes it so simple?

  • Minimum requirement — A PC or Apple Macintosh with a web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) and internet connection is all you need.
  • Fast Set-up — With MySAOL software, there's no big manual to read or database to install. We will guide you though. Our streamlined setup process typically only takes about several minutes.
  • Simple data entry —Creating professional-looking invoices is so easy that you can have your first one in a client's hands in minutes.
  • Reduce mistake by clear processes and organized data.
  • Easy to correct mistakes —there's no locking of transactions so you can just edit them to make a correction.
  • Consistent looking interface – Data entries screen are similar that once you have learned one of it, you can apply it to other data entry screen.
  • Real time Posting – MYSAOL is integrated system. Once transaction saved, it will post to GL accounts, update other ledger and report instantly. For example, when your sales invoice is saved, it will update your debtor ledger, Sales, and financial reports instantly.
  • Ability to check the state of your business at any given time - No need to wait for end of the month or year figures.
  • Unlimited number of financial years can be retained - Long term business history available for improved business management.
  • Export Data - data can be export to your computer in many format (excel, word, text, pdf etc.
  • Easy to learn – Documentation and videos are provided for each screen
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