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Is MySAOL a full-fledged online accounting service?
What types of businesses would benefit the most from MySAOL?
How will I be billed for the MySAOL Services?
    The MySAOL Service will be billed to your every month.
What is the fee for my accountant to use MySAOL?
    You can have one outside accountant access the service at no charge!
Is MySAOL available for use by multiple users and what is the limit?
    Yes. MySAOL service can be subcribe for 2 or more users
What are the system requirements?
Minimum Requirement

• Any workstation (PC, Notebook, Netbook or Mac)
• Any web browser software (IE, Mozilla, etc)
• Internet Connection.

Recommanded Requirement

• Computer -   1 GHz or higher
• Operating System - Windows XP / Vista 
• Web browser - IE 6.0 / Mozilla 3 or higher
• Monitor 1024x768 with 16-bit color
• Internet broadband Connection

How secure is my online data?
We protect the data itself via several state-of-the-art methods. MySAOL uses industry-leading SSL encryption technology to safeguard data against unauthorized access and intrusion. Our secure "firewall" server, adds another layer of data security. Backups of your data are done regularly so that customers can be confident their data is safe.

If I decide to stop using MySAOL, what happens to my data?
You may request backups of Your data while You are still active AND within the three (3) months following the termination of Your MySAOL Services.
Can access to certain information be limited for remote users?
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